What Is A Chamber Pillow

Consider the pillow’s filling, the support it provides, the design, and the size while selecting the ideal one. You can use this information to choose which pillow is ideal for you.

The ideal pillow for side sleepers and the greatest pillow for neck discomfort are also provided.

For a restful night’s sleep, the ideal pillow is essential. It ought to offer the ideal balance of firmness and softness. It ought to hug your head and support your neck. It ought to be durable, breathable, and rebound after use. After six months, it shouldn’t be poky, go flat, trigger your allergies, or lose its shape. The best filling and cleverest structure should result in a cushion that feels exquisite.


The level of support a pillow offers can be significantly influenced by how it is made. A chamber pillow resembles a sandwich with a hard filling in the center, like the feather in the Scooms pillow, and soft, squishy filling on the outside, like the goose down in the Scooms pillow. This offers excellent head and neck support.

Chamber construction can also be used in synthetic pillows. The center of these pillows may be made of a stronger hollowfiber for support, while the surrounding chambers may be made of a softer microfiber.


Aside than the size of your bed and your own comfort, there is no particular reason to select a particular size pillow. If you have a single or double size bed, choose a pillow that is 50cm x 75cm (20″ x 30″).

If you have a king or super king size bed, you might wish to curl up with a 50cm × 90cm (20″ x 35″ ) king size pillow. (This size is frequently referred to as a super king.


A lot of sleep specialists advise changing a pillow every one to two years. Over time, pillows lose their ability to provide support. Naturally occurring down and feather pillows survive longer than pillows filled with polyester, for example. Different fillings do have varying levels of durability.

Pillows can also draw dust mites and absorb body oils and dead skin cells. Your pillows’ lifespan can be increased by routine washing every six months. To find out how to wash your pillow, check the care label. However, foam pillows cannot be washed. Check out our cleaning instructions for down pillows.


To provide the optimum level of support and comfort, down and feather are typically mixed in varied proportions. Fine, supple, and springy down. Feathers give objects weight, solidity, and stability. Compared to duck down and feather, goose down and feather are finer and fluffier. If the filler is high-quality and well cared for, it is permeable and resistant to allergens. Be on the lookout for the NOMITE anti-allergy mark.

Cotton, wool, and silk are additional natural options. They are typically denser because they have less loft or are more organically compacted. Naturally breathable and hypoallergenic.

Artificial fillings:

The thickness of man-made fibers can be produced in a variety of ranges.

Hollowfibre is a hollow, dense, synthetic fiber that is strong but light. if fully filled, produces a firm pillow.

A pillow made of microfibre, a much finer synthetic fiber that is soft and silky and has a medium firmness, will be medium in firmness. In order to offer adequate neck support, it must be tightly packed.

Memory foam was created by NASA researchers! If you can get used to it, it provides good support as it adapts to the form of your skull and just minimally changes shape. nonetheless, not washable.

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